As an AS9100 certified molder, Met2Plastic is dedicated to molding components for aerospace applications. Our focus on low-volume, high mix molding is well suited to the needs of the aerospace industry. We have 40+ years of experience working with the demanding materials required in aerospace applications, including PEEK, Ultem™ PEI, PPS, and PPSU.

For low-volume aerospace programs, our aluminum tooling capabilities can help keep capital costs down for customers. Where needed, tight tolerance dimensions can be finish CNC machined to specification.

Our quality system is set up to handle the extensive documentation requirements that are needed for this industry, and we’re able to track materials on all of our parts from material receipt to the individual shipments. Product configurations are also documented for all production processes, and can be provided for each production lot. Our risk management system minimizes risk through each step of the process, from product launch through shipment.