Met2Plastic offers prototype to production run capabilities utilizing state-of-the-art equipment featuring automation, closed loop processing, and SPC capabilities. We have the ability to mold a variety of part sizes, from less than 1g to 106 oz on 40 to 720 ton presses.

Molding Capabilities:

Material Capabilities:
We’re capable of molding most thermoplastic materials, from commodity resins such as Polypropylene and Polystyrene to high temperature engineered materials, such as Ultem™ PEI and PEEK.

Our materials capability includes experience processing the following materials:

ABS Polyethylene PPO
ABS/PC Polypropylene PPS
Acetal Polystyrene PSU
Nylon PBT Polyester PPSU (Radel®)
Polycarbonate PEEK TPE
PEI (Ultem™)