Tooling Transfer Project Challenge

An Aerospace OEM was having significant quality issues with a current supplier, and needed to quickly find a supplier that: Had the capability to handle a large tooling transfer program (20 molds to produce 45 parts) with minimal cost impact, able to address the quality defects that they were experiencing with the current supplier and was willing to run low volumes on a number of parts (as low as 100 / year). Solution: With in-house toolroom capabilities, Met2Plastic was able to handle the tooling transfer with minimal interruptions. Met2Plastic worked closely with the customer to ensure that project transition went as smoothly as possible. As soon as the molds were received, Met2Plastic’s in-house toolroom completed a thorough inspection and mold cleaning. Any noticeable deficiencies were reported to the customer. Once approved, immediate action was taken to address the efficiencies. While sampling the molds, Met2Plastic process technicians, engineers, and moldmakers worked closely together to address any quality issues that the customer was having with the previous supplier. As they were sampling the molds, the process technicians also found ways to reduce the processing costs, resulting in reduced part costs. Once the parts were approved, Met2Plastic worked with the OEM to develop a stocking program. This resulted in a significant reduction of raw material inventory for the customer, providing additional cost savings. Result: The majority of the quality issues were eliminated. Additionally, Met2Plastic was able to provide cost savings to the OEM through process improvements and a part stocking program.

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