Solving the Orange on Fridays Mystery

October is the month of chilly weather, changing leaves, overdosing on pumpkin spice everything, but most importantly, Halloween. All month long Halloween has people painting the town orange. Here at Met2Plastic, orange is a color we see year-round. Wearing orange on Fridays has become tradition at Met2Plastic and on this Friday, it actually makes sense. However, nobody knows who started the trend and why, until now.

“One day Wolf wore an orange shirt and I called him Sunkist” says Frank, MET’s toolroom supervisor who started the trend. “Then another day I wore an orange shirt and he called me Hawaiian punch. We laughed at each other and said ‘hey lets wear them every last day of the week’ and so we did.” Originally a toolroom thing, the fad quickly caught on with other employees. Everyone, from the shop floor to the office, jumped on the orange bandwagon.

Frank and Wolf pose for pictureThe original fashion icons of Met2Plastic

” I guess people didn’t want to feel left out” says Frank.

” I just do it because it’s fun!” says Heidi, a proponent of the Orange trend.Although merely a coincidence, orange has become a symbol of celebration.

It’s been almost a year since it all began. As Met2Plastic continues to grow, so does the tradition. New employees are happy to join in on the fun.

Just like the Mean Girls wear pink on Wednesdays, here at Met2Plastic we wear orange on Fridays, otherwise you can’t sit with us!

Happy Halloween.

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