Significance of Social Media for Manufacturing Businesses

It is indisputable that social media is here to stay. Certain channels may come and go, but the idea of connecting and sharing with the world will endure. So, why should businesses like ours be on social media if we can’t offer “buy one plastic part, get one free” coupons through Facebook?

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play

With every purchase we make we are asked to join, follow, tweet, like, friend, add, and share. Social media is so ingrained in our daily lives, that every business is now expected to have some sort of digital presence. If a company is not active on any social network, it is neglecting a major opportunity for exposure.

Following The Crowd

Many manufacturing businesses have either not joined social media, have joined but are not active, or have not even consider social media as a marketing tool for their business. One may think that people in our industry are not among the millions using social media, but the fact is that social networking is happening with or without their participation. Whether it be potential customers or potential employees, an increasing amount of people are using social media to research companies. Not being found on social media gives the impression that a company is extremely outdated.

Leading The Crowd

By establishing an online presence, a company can also establish and manage its reputation. When a potential customer sees that a company is regularly blogging, sharing news, starting conversations, or posting original and useful content, an impression is made in that person’s mind. That company is now considered an authority or an expert in the industry. Being considered knowledgeable will engage potential customers as well as other industry leaders, further developing the network of manufacturers online while simultaneously increasing the value of social media.

Ensuring The Future Of Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies have an obligation to participate in social networking to ensure growth of the industry for generations to come. Young adults between 18-29 are the largest social media user group. Coincidentally there is a widespread shortage of skilled manufacturing workers accompanied by a decreasing number of young people pursuing careers in manufacturing. Social media is the vehicle available to reach out to these young adults. By showcasing the diversity among manufacturing jobs and communicating the need for people who understand the advancing technologies on social media, companies can eliminate the stigma that currently surrounds the industry.

Met2Plastic Joins Social Media

Networking is the essence of social media. Connecting and collaborating with our customers, suppliers, partners, and others, increases our community of people who manufacture the advancement of the world. The more of us that are present, the more opportunities arise for all. Met2Plastic is happy to join that community. We are looking forward to providing rich content that is useful and insightful to our followers as well as learning from those we follow .

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