MET2PLASTIC LLC Builds ISO Class 8 Cleanroom: Injection Molder Expands Capabilities for Growth in Med Tech

Elk Grove Village, IL: Custom injection molder MET2PLASTIC LLC has built a new standalone ISO Class 8 clean room within its Elk Grove Village, Illinois facility to expand its medical device production capabilities. The new cleanroom was built to replace preexisting cleanroom soft wall tents in order to better accommodate the increase in medical projects for MET2PLASTIC.

Of the new cleanroom, MET2PLASTIC President Mike Walter states, “It allows greater flexibility to meet the increasing demand from our medical customers. This new cleanroom will take us to another level of capacity and improve ease of manufacturing as our medical business grows.”

MET2PLASTIC has been molding medical device components for several years, and had been using clean “tents” to maintain part cleanliness. The recent addition of new programs facilitated the need to move from a portable clean-tent setup to a standalone cleanroom solution.

Features of the newly built cleanroom include three new JSW electric injection molding presses with room to add more, separate gowning room, and a HEPA filter installed with dual air handling LG units for greater assurance of cleanliness and reduced energy expenditure.

As the newest addition to the Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, MET2PLASTIC continues to focus on the expanding medical device industry as well as metal to plastic conversions and processing of high performance thermoplastic and composite materials.

About MET2PLASTIC LLC: Located in Elk Grove Village, IL, MET2PLASTIC is a premier custom injection molder and mold builder that is dedicated to being a single source solution provider for OEMs who require mission critical components with a focus on metal to plastic conversion.

MET2PLASTIC is a U.S. based division of Normandy, France based Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, a custom processor that specializes in processing High Performance Polymers (HPPs) and metal to plastic solutions. In addition to the MET2PLASTIC U.S. operation, Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group also has production facilities in France (Brittany, Normandy and Paris) and Romania (Fagaras/Sibiu). Thermoplastic and composite processing capabilities include: machining, injection molding, hybrid injection molding, thermoforming, mold building, painting, metalization of plastics and composites, and assembly.

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