Met2Plastic Formed as MET Plastics Joins Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group

As the newest member of the Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, MET Plastics has now officially become Met2Plastic, LLC. With the acquisition, both companies become transatlantic (USA and Europe), which provides a greater possibility to generate sales abroad.

“Dedienne is a forward-thinking plastic and composites processor,” said Mike Walter, President of Met2Plastic. “Joining forces with a like-minded business will help us both to flourish as we grow our operations in North America and in Europe.”

With a wide range of technologies and materials, Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group has a bold footprint in the European manufacturing sector of highly technical components made of high performance polymers and composites. Established in 1947 in France, Dedienne today employs over 400 people, with plants in France (Normandy, Nantes, and Paris region) and in Romania, and sales offices in the UK and Germany.

From Dedienne’s perspective, Met2Plastic gives them access to the North American market with a reputable, profitable company with a customer base in the aerospace and medical fields. The capacity to produce in the USD zone and have a presence in the Chicago region are also beneficial to Dedienne.

For Met2Plastic, Dedienne provides access to an enhanced technology portfolio that positions the company for growth in metal to plastic conversion applications for its existing customer base and for new potential customers. The acquisition also provides Met2Plastic with increased size and capacity while ensuring all staff and leadership remain in place. As a member of Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, Met2Plastic will have access to European OEM’s with operations in North America. This presence in Europe, along with the ability to offer new material and plastic and composite process technologies, makes Met2Plastic a more dynamic organization.

“The new joint venture will be commercially and technically profitable for both companies,” said Pierre-Jean Leduc, President and CEO of Dedienne. “It’s also profitable for both management teams as this is a new human venture for both of us and is therefore very motivating.”

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