Injection Molded Manifold Challenge

A Food Service Equipment OEM was designing a new product that required a highly complex manifold assembly. Due to the complexity of the assembly and a fast approaching deadline, the OEM had determined that the main component of the assembly could not be molded, and instead decided to design the part for machining. However, the machined assembly was too costly for the program, and the OEM had to find a lower cost solution. Solution: Met2Plastic’s engineers reviewed the part design requirements with the OEM, and came up with a moldable design concept that would satisfy the OEM’s design requirements. Once the design concept was approved by the OEM, Met2Plastic’s engineers collaborated with the OEM’s engineers to finalize the part design. Result: Met2Plastic was able to help the OEM meet its tight delivery requirements. Total tooling turnaround time, including samples, was 7 weeks. The injection molded manifold provided a considerable cost savings to the OEM over the machined version. Once the project was underway, Met2Plastic was able to provide further cost savings by completing the assembly of the manifold and implementing 100% leak testing inspection, allowing for dock-to-stock receiving.

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