Excelling Under Pressure: A Case Study

There are times when an OEM finds that a vendor is not a good fit for a program and decides to re-source production of components to another vendor. Occasionally, it is the vendor who decides that the customer is not a good fit for their operation and asks the customer to find a new home for their molds. Such was the case for one OEM that came to Met2Plastic for help. The following examines how Met2Plastic successfully executed the unexpected transfer of a multi-process, complex part, on time, helping the customer avoid shutdowns.

A medical OEM, now MET’s customer, was forced to transfer their mold to a new supplier after the original molder unexpectedly decided to discontinue production as a result of change in ownership. The OEM scrambled to find a new supplier with the capability to run a part that required gas assist injection molding, insert molding of a metal tube, and overmolding of an elastomer grip. The OEM approached Met2Plastic with the challenge. MET accepted the challenge, despite the extreme time pressure to get the parts ready for production.

The molds that were transferred to MET were custom designed to fit the presses of the original molder and would not work in MET’s presses without significant modifications. Getting the mold substrate running required custom built equipment to run the gas assist sequencing operation. The lead time to have the equipment built by outside suppliers exceeded the already compressed timeline. MET’s solution to this obstacle was to build the custom equipment in-house. Major modifications to the mold tooling were also made in-house to accommodate MET’s presses.

Due to MET’s in-house tooling capabilities, modifying the tooling, producing samples, and executing a full inspection was completed in only 8 weeks, ensuring that there were no interruptions in the OEM’s production.

Three years after the switch to MET, the medical OEM continues to benefit from the transfer. Along with a reduction of quality issues, they have experienced a steady on-time delivery rate of 98%+. MET has also proven to be a low-maintenance supplier by reacting quickly to regular, unanticipated, changes in demand from their product.

The resulting success was due to a combination of MET’s in-house tooling capabilities and the flexible culture of the organization. Met2Plastic is pleased to continue to provide high quality parts to the OEM and hope to maintain their successful relationship for years to come.

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