Met2Plastic was originally incorporated in 1970 as MET Prototype Molding. Operating out of a small shop in Chicago’s Northwest side, the company specialized in building aluminum molds and injection molding parts for prototype applications. MET quickly developed a loyal customer base made up of Illinois’ technology giants of the era, including Bell & Howell, Littlefuse, Motorola, Stewart Warner, Teletype, and Zenith Radio.

By 1982, the company had outgrown its Chicago facility and moved its operations to Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The new facility allowed for expansion in both moldbuilding and injection molding operations. While many moldbuilders were still using primarily manual machining techniques, MET embraced CNC machining technology with punch-tape programming capability. In 1985, the company purchased a McDonnell Douglas CAD/CAM system to speed tooling development, making MET Prototype an early adopter of 3-D CAD technology.

Even though the company positioned itself as a prototype injection molding house, MET’s customers increasingly awarded production molding business to the company. By the mid-1990’s, much of the company’s business had transitioned to high mix / low volume injection molding production work. To ensure that production quality requirements continued to be met, MET began implementation of a quality system and became ISO 9000 certified in 1998. By 2000, MET’s primary focus was on low-volume injection moldbuilding and thermoplastic injection molding, and the company changed its name to MET Plastics to better reflect its offerings as a production injection molder.

Over the years, MET Plastics’ focus began to evolve toward “mission critical” injection molding applications, particularly in the aerospace and medical industries. Much of that work included metal replacement (i.e. metal to plastic) applications. As a result, MET Plastics gained expertise with injection molding of high temperature and composite thermoplastics.

In 2016, MET Plastics was acquired by Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group, based in Normandy France. In conjunction with the acquisition, the company also changed its name to Met2Plastic, LLC. The new name, which emphasizes our focus on Metal to Plastic applications, manages to combine our roots with our future and signals a new era for the organization.